Metal Custom Parts

Metal Custom Parts can flexibly meet the different needs of precision hardware parts in aerospace, machinery, manufacturing, electronic products and other industries.

Sunbright provides cost-effective manufacturing of Metal Custom Parts. We provide one-stop overall hardware quality solutions from raw materials to process engineering and manufacturing.

Start customizing your metal parts, we will provide you with one-stop service according to your drawings and requirements. No matter how complicated each metal custom parts is, our professional team will respond to you.

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  • You can rest assured to buy Wireless Smart Sensor Parts from our factory. A sensor is a detection device that can sense the measured information, and can transform the sensed information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to certain rules, so as to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage and display. , recording and control requirements.

  • You can rest assured to buy High Quality Automotive Connectors from our factory.

  • You can rest assured to buy customized High Precision Flange Parts from us. Flange production can be selected from four common types of forging, casting, rolling and cutting. Each process can produce high-precision flanges. As long as you have customized needs for high-precision flanges, sunbright will provide you with a design from One-stop service from production to shipment.

  • Our custom radiators include steel radiators, copper-aluminum composite radiators, stainless steel-aluminum composite radiators and aluminum alloy radiators, radiators are the main equipment in heat exchange devices, and radiators are widely used in hot air heating, air conditioning, refrigeration , condensation, dehumidification, drying, etc. Our custom radiators can be used in light industry, construction, machinery, textile, printing and dyeing, electronics, food, starch, medicine, metallurgy, paint and other industries.

  • Sunbright has complete supporting equipment such as high-precision CNC machines, punching machines, and surface treatment. The company has a professional technical team and manufacturing team, which can cooperate with customers from product design, research and development to the production and manufacture of the whole process of parts, and can fully meet the various needs of customers. Can process stainless steel, stainless iron, iron, copper, aluminum and other hardware products, suitable for professional manufacture of metal parts in lighting, electrical appliances, furniture, medical, machinery, handicrafts and other industries. We also have one-stop service and facilities for polishing, electroplating, painting, and oxidation.

  • We supply a wide range of Professional Sheet Metal Fabrication with all kinds of material and surface finished. We Manufacture a huge range of metal components, assemblies and finished surface products for various sectors and applications. Our products are widely used in communications, precision instruments, medical equipment, high-speed trains, auto, aviation and other industries. The products are mainly exported to European and the United States market. We have passed ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certificate for over 20 years, NADCAP- NDT by MPI audited certificate in 2019, and also has implemented an ERP system since 2018 and lean manufacturing system since 2020.

We provide customized Metal Custom Parts, you can contact us for quotation and price if you need to purchase. SunBright Technology is one of the Metal Custom Parts manufacturers and suppliers in China. It is a high-tech limited company jointly invested by Hong Kong Xinhui Group and Shengda International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. If you want to buy in bulk, you can buy good quality products at low prices. Our products are very durable, please rest assured to buy.
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