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  • The accuracy of the mold includes the accuracy of the parts obtained during processing and the quality awareness of ensuring the accuracy of the product during production, but the mold accuracy we usually talk about mainly refers to the accuracy of the working parts of the mold.


  • "Medical equipment" is a broad umbrella term that covers a wide variety of instruments and equipment, such as Band-Aids, dental floss, blood pressure cuffs, defibrillators, MRI scanners, and more. Medical device design is an important part of the field of mechanical engineering.


  • Receiving your CAD model, we evaluate and design analysis engineering technology and our CNC machines will mill or machine your part in a day. However, with all the technologies that make it possible, the human factor remains critical and is often the culprit behind the recurring problems we see in CNC machined parts. Avoiding these 5 common mistakes can help improve designs, reduce run time, and potentially reduce final manufacturing costs.


  • During the stamping process of the metal shrapnel, the high-speed punch is used and the risk factor is relatively high. If the operation is improper, it will cause serious damage to the mold. Meanwhile the safety of the operator will also be injured. So when the mold needs to be off the machine, remember to follow the following operations Only by implementing it can we dare to ensure the safety of the mold and the operators.


  • When you finish CNC machining a part, your job isn't done. These raw components may have unsightly surfaces and may not be strong enough. Or They are just part of one component that must be joined with other components to form a complete product. After all, how often do you use a device made up of individual parts?


  • The highest machining accuracy that can be achieved by turning, milling, planing, grinding, drilling and boring is as following. The editor summed it up and come with the editor to increase knowledge.