CNC Custom Parts

We offer CNC custom parts service for application in multiple industries, and sectors. Sunbright is ISO 9001 and AS 9100D certified for over 20 years, NADCAP- NDT (magnetic particle inspection) certified in 2019.

Sunbright has a plant area of about 50,000 square meters, a total investment of about 60 million US dollars, and more than 1,000 sets of advanced manufacturing and processing equipment. More than 20 high-precision testing equipment.

Contact us and submit the information of customized CNC machining parts for detailed quotation of CNC custom parts. Customized processing according to drawings. Machining a variety of materials, including aluminum, brass, copper, steel, titanium and etc..We are your reliable manufacturer of CNC custom parts.

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  • The door handle is a switch part installed on the car door to open the car door. It is also a force-bearing part for the operator to pull the door. When the operator pulls the hand-held end on the door handle, the door handle rotates around the fulcrum to trigger the switch mechanism to start. Of course, in order to limit the pulling angle of the door handle, the door handle is provided with a block against or disengaged from the door, or it can be called a buffer block. The above-mentioned buffer block is more common in the automotive industry. The most is the use of rubber parts. Therefore, when the external ambient temperature is high, such as at noon in summer in the southern region, the temperature of the outer surface of the car door can reach 60° C. or even higher. This will lead to adhesion between the contact point between the buffer block of rubber parts and the surface of the car door, especially for vehicles parked outdoors for a long time, the buffer block of rubber parts is very easy to stick to the car door.

  • Semiconductor equipment has a complex structure consisting of thousands of components. The performance, quality and precision of components determine the reliability and stability of the equipment. The semiconductor industry follows the industrial law of "one generation of technology, one generation of technology, and one generation of equipment", and the upgrade and iteration of semiconductor equipment largely depends on the technological breakthrough of precision components. Various semiconductor components cooperate with each other to support the operation of semiconductor equipment. Compared with the basic components of equipment in other industries, the cutting-edge technical characteristics are more obvious, such as high precision, small batch, variety, special size, complex process, and strength. , strain, corrosion resistance, electronic characteristics, electromagnetic characteristics, material purity and other composite functional requirements.

  • CNC machined items include various surgical instruments used in medical procedures, such as trocars (skin piercers), bone drills, and saws. When CNC machining, parts are typically milled using 3 to 5 axes or turned using a live tool CNC lathe. The most common types of machines used in the manufacturing of medical parts include CNC milling, lathe machining, drilling and computerized milling. Reliability and high quality are the top priorities in the processing of medical parts, so the medical device industry has put forward new requirements for professional precision tools. Difficult-to-machine materials, complex workpiece shapes, and frequent CNC small-batch production are critical for processing professional medical tools. Machine knives place high demands on them.

  • The aerospace industry includes all types of air transportation, from jumbo Boeing 747 jets that carry hundreds of passengers to spacecraft rockets designed to explore the International Space Station, the moon and even Mars. The spacecraft is designed to stay in outer space for months or even years. Given this long-term maintenance, they had to be developed with incredible precision and precision. In this case, computer numerical control (CNC) is increasingly suitable for this field

  • The wiper is a high-frequency component in the car, and it is constantly evolving. Sunbright has developed a high-performance wiper that combines washer fluid injection with built-in cleaning nozzles.

  • We focus on the processing of precision aluminum alloy casings, with experience in delivering samples with more than 15600+ pen appearance parts, and the batch delivery is 20% faster than the peers. There are imported 5-axis cnc numerical control machines, the accuracy can reach ±0.01, and the surface finish can reach 0.8 microns. Subsequent rough polishing, fine polishing, deburring and degreasing - anodizing and other processes ensure the stability and consistency of product dimensions, surface finish, scratch resistance, and scratch resistance levels that meet or even exceed customer requirements. No worries about scratches and scratches when machining and assembling.

We provide customized CNC Custom Parts, you can contact us for quotation and price if you need to purchase. SunBright Technology is one of the CNC Custom Parts manufacturers and suppliers in China. It is a high-tech limited company jointly invested by Hong Kong Xinhui Group and Shengda International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. If you want to buy in bulk, you can buy good quality products at low prices. Our products are very durable, please rest assured to buy.