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  • Face Massage stick is a health care massager that improves blood circulation to the skin through facial Massage.


  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Precision Machinings are widely utilized in the manufacturing industry for precision metalworking. These machines can perform subtractive machining, a process that involves removing material from a piece of stock. Common materials used in CNC milling include aluminum, steel, cast iron, and brass.


  • ​A CNC lathe machine, used for shaping materials like metal or wood, consists of several essential parts that work together to perform various machining operations. Here are the main parts of a CNC lathe machine:


  • Generally, injection molded products are formed and processed through corresponding molds. After an injection molded product is formed and solidified, it is taken out from the mold cavity or core, commonly known as demoulding. Due to molding shrinkage and other reasons, plastic parts are often wrapped tightly around the core or trapped in the mold cavity.


  • The mechanical polishing of export injection molds is a very detailed manual work. Therefore, the polishing technology of export injection molds is still the main factor affecting the quality of mold polishing. In addition, it is also related to the export injection mold material, surface condition before polishing and heat treatment process.


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