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The difference between forged and cast wheels.


The distinction between wheel forging and casting is mainly manifested in:

1, the process is different: in the choice of mold, casting wheel choose sand mold, forging the use of steel mold; Casting wheel selection is natural cooling in the machining, including burring, repair appearance, polishing, etc. Forging is the use of stamping method to form it, and then machining. Casting technology determines the performance. From the performance point of view, the forged hub strength is higher, the weight is lighter, the casting hub filling is good, the casting shrinkage is less, and the density is high.

2, the cost is different: the casting process is simple, the cost is relatively low, and the manufacturing cost of forging is relatively high due to the more complex process. From the price point of view, the same type of wheel is usually forged out of the low pressure casting is much more expensive.

3, the weight is different: the forged wheel needs to go through the process of continuous stamping to form, so after forming, its molecular structure will become very tight, so it can withstand higher pressure, so in the same size and strength, the forged wheel is lighter than the cast wheel. In summary, the production process of forged wheels is more precise, compared with cast wheels, so high-end cars choose more forged wheels.

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